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"Things I Wish I Knew": Advice from Former Brides

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are no shortage of decisions to make. Each one contributes to how the big day comes together — from choosing the floral arrangements to curating the tablescape to finding the perfect dress. These personal details are what make each wedding celebration unique and tailored to each couple’s love story.

One important decision brides have been making is investing in themselves leading up to the wedding. Whether it’s taking up yoga, eating cleaner, or starting a skincare regimen, it is becoming extremely popular for brides to start wedding prep early, so they can look and feel their best on the big day.  

Many brides reminisce on the magic of their wedding day when it’s all over, but we wanted to know: when it came to their pre-wedding skincare and beauty preparation, was there anything they would have done differently? Was there anything they wished they had done more of? What advice would they give to friends who were in the same position?

We’ve partnered with formal bridal clients in northern California that were married within the last year to share things they wish they knew leading up to their big day. These pieces of advice can be shared with your newer bridal clientele to help get them on track and prepare for their upcoming wedding day!

Beauty advice from former brides

“I really wished I hadn’t tried out new face sunscreen on the day of the wedding. It pilled the second we started applying makeup over it, so we had to start the entire process over and it was stressful. Make sure that you aren’t trying new products on the day of the wedding because you never know how your skin or the product will react!” - CT

“Trial your makeup early, and get a tutorial. I love a natural look, so I was really scared that I wouldn’t look like myself with lots of makeup on. The early tutorial with my makeup artist made me feel confident that I wouldn’t look overdone on my big day; plus, my artist gave me tips and tricks on how to replicate the look myself. There was nothing better than going on my honeymoon with brand new makeup to carry with me, and the techniques to know how to actually apply it!” - KW

“Lashes are a game-changer. You might not think you need them, but they look incredible in pictures. I was unsure at first, but when I saw previews from our photographer, I felt like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.”  - TB

“I really wish that I would’ve used my own makeup. I wound up getting double pink eye from my makeup artist! The first week of my honeymoon was filled with woo-woo ways to get rid of pinkeye until I was able to find a health clinic for eye drops” - JY

Skincare advice from former brides

“I really wish I had started my skincare regimen 6 months out. I only started paying attention to it about a month before the wedding, and that’s such a limited window to make material changes.” - BW

“Botox®, Botox®, and more Botox®. Run, don’t walk to get this magical elixir. It’s a must-have before the big day. I got my last treatment about 2 months out from the wedding to make sure I looked as fresh as possible.” - TX

“Get a spray tan. I wanted to be glowing for my big day, but I am so cautious about being in the sun — no one likes wrinkles! A spray tan gave me the best of both worlds — I kept my skin safe, while still looking like I spent a week at the beach.” - KW

“Hands down the best investment I made was microneedling and regular facials leading up to the big day. I was really consistent with my treatments — my skin never looked or felt better!” - CT

“I was scared to try a chemical peel, but it was my secret weapon. Regular peels made sure my skin was in its best form for the big day.”  - RG

Overall wedding day advice from former brides

“I was my own wedding planner, and I would 1,0000% not recommend it. Hire a professional! ” - WM

“Make sure to take time for you as a couple. It’s a whirlwind night - sneak away if you can for a glass of champagne, and just take a moment to soak it all in.” - CC

“Don’t forget to eat! When you are so caught up in the magic of the night and running on pure adrenaline, it’s very easy to forget to have dinner. We worked with our planner to set aside food for us to eat privately and have a moment together, which was so special and something I’ll never forget. Plus, you’ll need that energy for the dance floor later!” - AM

“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We worked hard to get our skin glowing leading up to this, so we want it to look good all night long.” - CT

“Smile during conversations as the photographer is following you. I look so serious in some of the pictures captured — a smile is literally the best thing for your face.” - LM


As a provider, these pieces of advice are an excellent way for you to reinforce the importance of starting a pre-wedding routine sooner than later.

Many of these tips and tricks from former brides can easily be shared with your newer bridal clientele to build trust and help ensure your brides look and feel their best on the big day.

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