How to Plan and Promote a Botox® Party

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Botox® parties provide a comforting environment for patients to receive their treatment in a fun and social setting, surrounded by their friends. A Botox® party can be hosted at a home, at a medical aesthetic practice, or providers and patients alike can get creative with other safe location ideas. These events are popularly held for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or girls’ nights, and tend to vary from casual settings to more vibrant parties with music and catering involved. Over the recent years, Botox® parties have grown to be especially popular during the wedding season as brides prepare for their big day.

Aesthetic Injectors can use Botox® parties as a tool for success—expanding their clientele base, perfecting their skillset, and offering a multitude of services in an efficient way. But for any injector, preparation is key for a successful Botox® party.


Being well-prepared for a Botox® party is crucial. Injectors must ensure that they have all the necessary supplies in advance of the event. Portrait provider Nicole Brustkern, DNP, states, “organization is key! I recommend investing in a high-quality bag with compartments designated for all necessary supplies. Professional make-up artist bags are the best for this.” According to another Portrait provider, Brittney Güney, RN, a large makeup bag with many compartments allows her to pack more supplies than what she anticipates is necessary for the Botox® party. That way, she is never in a situation where she is out of a product at a party, particularly given the fact that Botox® parties are bound to have attendees that make a last-minute decision to receive additional treatment. For a closer look into her “Mary Poppins” bag, check out this reel from her Instagram page.  

Brittney explains that “Botox® parties are a great way for people to see the procedure being done and alleviate some of their concerns around Botox® and filler,” and that it’s a way for people to become more comfortable in that environment.

Aside from the physical products necessary to complete the treatments, don’t forget to bring business cards! When clients walk away from the party feeling confident and loving their results, it’s important for them to have a way to remember who they were treated by and how to book their next appointment. Who knows, maybe they will even want to host a party of their own down the line. Make sure the card includes information about how to find and follow the business on social media!


Communicating and coordinating with the party host on certain details is also essential and can help medical aesthetic injectors anticipate what supplies are necessary for the party. To start, this includes clarifying details pertaining to the actual location and ensuring that there is a designated area for the medical aesthetic injector to administer treatment (for example, a dining chair and table). In addition, confirming the final headcount of attendees is always important. It is also advised to require a minimum number of attendees (and maybe even a minimum number of units, syringes, or other injectable procedures), as well as a maximum number of attendees. Botox® parties remain akin to workdays, and it is crucial for aesthetic injectors to refrain from overworking and potentially compromising the results of the treatments by agreeing to events with a large number of attendees. A good rule of thumb, according to Brittney, is 6-10 attendees for Botox® treatments if there is only one injector at the event. “10 is a good number of people to have at a party, depending on their treatments. If it’s just Botox®, the group size can be as high as 20 people. If it’s filler, fewer people would be better.


Effective pricing at Botox® parties can be used to one’s advantage—providing discounts that encourage attendees to receive treatments will provide an aesthetic injector with a larger clientele base, which inevitably leads to word-of-mouth referrals. Brittney recommends implementing a discount system where the higher the number of attendees there are, the greater the discount is. For example, parties with 6-10 people receive 10% off per treatment, and parties with more than 10 people receive 15% off per treatment. Another strategy is to also offer the party host a credit—if they invite more than 10 people, they can receive a free lip flip or other treatment.


A successful Botox® party doesn’t end once the event is over. It is necessary to constantly think about the next steps, how to provide treatments at the next Botox® parties, and how to obtain referrals from those events.  For Brittney, posting about Botox® parties on social media has been an effective way of encouraging others to message her, asking how they may host a Botox® party, the costs, and the number of people required for these events. Clips from parties on social media sparks these conversations naturally and allow clients a sneak peek at what their own event could look like. Referrals are also key in expanding an injector’s practice. Beverly Hills Portrait provider Crystal Coatney, PA-C explains, “before and after photos and referral discounts have really helped grow my practice. Offering $50 per referral for my advocates has been huge as well as the Botox® parties. I have three this month!”

Finally, it behooves aesthetic injectors to think outside the box and work alongside other organizations and entities to plan Botox® parties. For example, an injector can approach local shops for partnership opportunities—the injector can offer to supply the food and drinks, as well as the Botox® and any other treatments, while the shops supply the location and customers. One example of this is provider Nicole, previously mentioned, and her relationship with Barre and Bay Wreath in La Jolla, CA. Barre and Bay Wreath's unlimited barre membership includes exclusive discounts with businesses in the Bird Rock area. They feature Nicole as their "go-to" health and beauty expert and offer 15% off services for their members. In addition to this, the two partner up for giveaways to increase both of their social media followings. Check out Barre and Bay Wreath's amazing space and keep up with their events by following them @barreandbaywreath on Instagram!


Injectors should plan ahead of Botox® parties and determine what procedures they will be administering. In addition to Botox®, Brittney has provided Kybella treatments at a party as well as chemical peels. But she stays away from procedures like microneedling Botox® parties to eliminate the messiness. “I have to do procedures where I can pack up and go.”  Nevertheless, Botox® parties provide a great environment to open attendees’ minds to certain treatments. Attendees are able to observe the procedure being administered to their friends and other partygoers which, in turn, may alleviate some of their anxiety about Botox® and filler. As an event progresses, attendees can see their friends getting various treatments—and it doesn’t hurt to have a friend hold their hand, too!

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