Supercharge Your Business Growth with Portrait’s Marketing Autopilot Service

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At Portrait, we understand that bringing more clients to your business is crucial for growth. That’s why we developed our proprietary Marketing Autopilot program, a fantastic option designed to simplify and enhance your growth marketing efforts.

Our goal is simple: to help you attract more clients through paid advertisements on social media, resulting in lasting clients and increased revenue.

The Magic of Marketing Autopilot

The Marketing Autopilot program is one of the standout features of Portrait’s platform. This innovative, AI-optimized sales and marketing engine is designed to revolutionize how you attract and manage new clients, helping your business scale and reach new levels of success effortlessly.

How the Program Works

Our Marketing Autopilot service is designed to be intuitive and impactful, built on three core pillars to help you grow your business effortlessly.

  1. Targeted Ads: Our team will launch ads via social media, targeting areas around your business's zip code. These ads are designed to capture the attention of potential clients, encouraging them to submit their contact information and express interest in your services.

  2. Automated Lead Follow-Up Qualification: We leverage a variety of technologies including AI to help you target the right leads. Our system will automatically follow-up with leads and complement that with highly trained “closers” who have extensive MedSpa, Derm, and Plastics experience – ensuring that you receive high-intent clients who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

  3. Seamless Client Handling: Our skilled customer sales representatives take over and work to get your interested leads on the phone and booked. They contact the submissions via phone and text message from your business line, handling everything from phone consultations to scheduling appointments and securing deposits. This ensures a smooth and professional experience for your new clients.

Comprehensive Support Every Step of the Way

The best part about the Marketing Autopilot program is that Portrait takes care of the entire process leading up to your client consult. Here’s how we support you:

  • Funding the Setup: We manage the initial setup costs for your ad campaigns.
  • Personnel for Lead Handling: We provide savvy customer sales representatives with front-desk experience in aesthetics to handle your leads, ensuring every potential client receives prompt and professional attention.
  • Software and Creative Designs: We cover the cost of software and creative designs needed for your ad campaigns, ensuring high-quality visuals and messaging.
  • Ad Campaign Management: Our team continuously monitors and adjusts your ad campaigns to optimize for conversion, ensuring you get the highest return on investment.

Powered By Cutting-Edge AI Technology

At Portrait, our commitment is to help you attract new patients through targeted ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Using our performance-optimized creative, we run ads designed for maximum conversion. We can help target and acquire potential leads, seamlessly transferring them to our skilled marketing coordinators who follow up within minutes. For providers, this is a set-it-and-forget-it program where you can simply watch your calendar book up with new clients!

Prioritizing Your Success

Portrait is here to provide the resources and opportunities you need to succeed. Our Marketing Autopilot program is just one of the many ways we help you attract new clients, increase revenue, and grow your business effortlessly. Power your business with Portrait and experience the difference a dedicated partner can make in your entrepreneurial journey. 


About Portrait: Portrait is a transformative platform dedicated to empowering aesthetics and wellness entrepreneurs. By providing easy access to essential tools and resources, Portrait helps independent businesses thrive and deliver the best care possible. With a commitment to earning trust through service, Portrait is redefining industry standards and supporting the success of entrepreneurial providers everywhere.

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