Profits in Beauty

Maximizing Profits as an Independent MedSpa

Making Sense of Your Aesthetic Business Numbers
With Rahul Jaswa, COO/CFO of Portrait
Recurring Revenue Routes: Harnessing Repeat Purchases to Build Your Empire
With Moises Chacon, co-founder of Private Medical Practice Developers
How I Bootstrapped and Scaled a Successful MedSpa, Acquired by SkinSpirit
With John Bergano, Founder and CEO of Aesthetic Card
Benefits and Strategies of a Membership Model in Your Aesthetic Practice
With Moises Chacon, co-founder of Private Medical Practice Developers
Leveraging Free and Paid Marketing Tools to Grow Your MedSpa
With Orie Schiffman, Head of Growth at Portrait
2024 Success: Goal Setting & KPIs From an Expert Industry Business Consultant
With Kelly Smith, Founder & CEO of Projected Growth Consulting
Seasonal Success: Mastering MedSpa Packages for 2024
with Moises Chacon, co-founder of Private Medical Practice Developers


Profits in Beauty is a weekly webinar series crafted by Portrait. It offers a comprehensive blend of insights, strategies, and industry best practices, drawing from our extensive experience spanning half a decade and collaborations with hundreds of MedSpas nationwide.

We have collaborated with diverse entrepreneurs—ranging from expansive multi-location, multi-provider MedSpas, to the more intimate boutique and concierge solo establishments. Tailored for both seasoned owners and ambitious newcomers of Independent MedSpas, our series offers insights that are data-driven and based on extensive real-world experience.

Each week, we’ll dive deep with both Portrait’s in-house experts and renowned guest speakers, each session promises an in-depth exploration, rounded off with a live, interactive Q&A.

This series is inspired by our internal training modules, which we believe should benefit not just the Portrait collective but the broader aesthetics community.

Whether you're drafting the blueprint of your dream spa or strategizing your grand exit, our goal is to elevate your vision, increase your profits, and amplify your venture's valuation.