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5 Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Even if you are passionate about aesthetic treatments, products, and client experience, it is still possible to reach a stagnant phase in your career as an injector. Investing in yourself and your work is crucial in maintaining steady growth in your business. Here are 5 tips to take your business to the next level.

Invest in Training

The aesthetic industry is constantly evolving. From new products, techniques, and trends, it is important to seek continuing education. Choosing to enroll in courses and further training can help you discover different elements of procedures that you can use to refine your craft. Crystal Coatney, PA-C asserts “I always learn something new even after 11 years in the field.

There are endless opportunities to learn: from training on PDO threads, skincare, or simply courses on customer service knowledge or sales training, choose what you think your business lacks most right now. If you want to focus on the former, make sure you are learning about treatments you would like to start offering and start slowly integrating it into your list of services.

With that said, you can complete a course but the best way to train is to learn from others practically. Crystal explains “I highly recommend shadowing other providers in your field because I always pick up something from them.

Gain a Higher Certification (NP, MD, PA)

Depending on your aspirations, you may consider advancing your education and gaining credentials that can help advance you to your career goals. These credentials vary from nurse practitioner (NP), medical doctor (MD), certified aesthetic nurse specialist (CANS), or physician associate (PA). While it is important to choose what will give you more knowledge to boost your work, you will also have to examine what fits into your desired career timeline.

For instance, you might want to become a physician in order to be able to perform major surgeries. However, there is an amount of medical training, research, and money you will have to invest in receiving that degree. Nicole Brustkern, DNP explains “As a registered nurse, you can have a B.S in Nursing or an Associate's Degree. As a physician assistant, you can have a Master's or you can have a Doctor of Nursing Practice (this is an additional year of research and leadership). Ultimately in California, and in most states, physicians are the ones overseeing all of those people above, and so you can't inject without a medical doctor.”

While medical school can be lengthy and more costly than becoming a nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, it depends on what you want to achieve. Overall, receiving a new certification can leverage you into performing more treatments, having more autonomy, better leading a health system, and ultimately boost your business.

Bring in New Aesthetics Products

As the aesthetic industry grows, there is high consumer demand for more treatment options with minimum downtime and risk. Potential customers are always looking for providers that have the “next big thing.” Therefore, looking into acquiring new products can help attract clients. For instance, look into new and FDA-approved products like QWO®.

QWO® is the first FDA-approved injectable to treat moderate to severe cellulite. This product is one of a kind and revolutionizes the treatment of cellulite. By investing in such a product, you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

Invest in Marketing

It is easy to be overshadowed by competitors that have better branding in the aesthetic industry. With that said, learning to create effective marketing strategies for your business can attract more clientele. This may include creating social media channels, deciding on having a content creation process, and investing in promotion services like referrals. Crystal Coatney, PA-C explains “Before and after photos and referral discounts have really helped grow my practice. Offering $50 per referral for my advocates has been huge as well as the Botox® parties. I have three this month!

While this may sound easy, many fail due to the lack of consistency. Any long-lasting and growing brand requires constant relevancy and the attention of an audience. Make sure to form a schedule and brainstorm ideas to promote your work daily.

Develop & Implement a Feedback System

Lastly, all of the strategies and tips mentioned above will have little impact if you have not studied the current status of your business. Have a good understanding of your business growth. Collecting feedback from current clients and asking for advice from other providers may provide valuable insight.

Therefore, make sure to invest in a feedback system. Create a form with a list of questions you would like your clients to submit at the end of sessions. Approach other providers and carry on informational chats to understand their own strategies. All this will allow you to better understand where the loopholes are.

It is normal, and expected, for business owners to feel a period of stagnation at one point or another. As long as you are still committed to your practice fully, you will find that investing in your professional development and refining your craft will always attract clientele.

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