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How to Responsibly Incorporate Promotions Into an Aesthetics Business

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Opening up a business in the rapidly growing aesthetics industry is an exciting leap to take in one’s career. However, once the doors open, it can feel as though the business is not growing at the rate that an owner may desire. Most business owners in any industry understand the importance of basic marketing in the success of their businesses, but an even more crucial and influential tool of marketing is promotional efforts. Promotions and marketing work cohesively to sell services and products to consumers or clients. Promotions in the aesthetic industry can be a key element in communicating the benefits of services – new and old. Effective marketing and promotional strategies can help businesses engage loyal and incoming clients to maintain long-term success, growth, and profitability.

Aesthetic promotions can come across as devaluing skills and services, but the truth is that promotional efforts are such an important component in the short and long-term goals of any business. Short-term goals can be obvious: a practice runs a promotion to increase revenue as soon as possible. But long-term goals have communication objectives that can encourage potential clients to ‘brand’ or clinic switch, which can ultimately lead to building new customer loyalty and consistent repeat business. Promotions within an aesthetic practice do not need to come across as a discounted or devalued way to receive a treatment or service. They can actually sound luxurious based on how a business chooses to advertise. A brand can create a sense of exclusivity with “VIP perks” which instantly make a promotion sound more exclusive and special. Clients will feel more valued knowing that a unique, high-end experience was curated specifically for them.

Running a successful business in the aesthetics industry means remaining current on all types of treatments and services. It is essential to be informed on all the new trends in skincare and beauty to stay relevant. This will mean that, at times, aesthetic injectors will periodically receive training on skills and services offered to clients. It can be challenging to encourage clients to try or add a new treatment or service, but promotions can serve as a huge incentive. Offering incentives for newly-mastered treatments can benefit both the client and the aesthetic injector refining their new skill set. It is important to remember that promotions do not mean a lesser value service for new clients. Promotions should be utilized as a gateway service into an injector’s brand and business.

It can be overwhelming to decide on the kind of promotions that a business should have. A common promotion that practice can run is offering a “buy one syringe and receive one half off” deal. Offering packages of services at a discounted rate is beneficial for clients and guarantees that they will return for future services. These promotions do not have to end with just the lone client. Promotions can be even more advantageous in creating client referral programs. Referral programs are essentially free customer marketing: offer existing clients a slight discount on their upcoming services for every one friend they have come in for a service. There is no better referral than one made by a friend. Imagine having each client spreading the word about a business in their communities – the promotion that just keeps giving with minimal effort. This type of promotion also creates a sense of familial loyalty between a client and brand that will have long-lasting advantages for business.  

Group events or parties are other forms of promotion that an aesthetic business can leverage for high success rates. Injectable parties are becoming a popular trend in the industry that businesses can utilize to gain more brand visibility. A party would consist of a licensed medical professional arriving at a decided location and educating guests about treatments in a light but informational manner. Clients are encouraged to throw their parties with bulk discount incentives: the more people in attendance for treatment, the larger the discount per treatment. An additional discount or credit can be offered to the host as a gift for organizing the event. These events are a great way to encourage those unfamiliar with medical aesthetics to try out a treatment, resulting in ongoing client relationships. Injectable parties create a lot of social buzz amongst friends and will likely result in repeat business with old and new clients.

Businesses can also enroll as a provider with programs like Allē, an aesthetic loyalty rewards program. Allē was created by the Allergan Aesthetics brand, which owns companies like Botox​​®, CoolSculpting®, and Juvéderm®. Allē allows members to earn points on in-office products and treatments for future savings on Allergan Aesthetic treatments. Allē has created a centralized location for all things aesthetic. As one of their participating partners, a business can gain prospective clients who are enthusiastic about their existing rewards program. There will always be new aesthetic clients on the horizon. It can be extremely overwhelming for a client to decide on a provider in this rapidly growing industry. However, Allē has created a platform supported by well-known and loved aesthetic brands focusing on curated informational and thoughtful content. Participating in their rewards program can lead to a new and aesthetic-educated clientele that is most likely willing to try out new treatments and services. In fact, Allē’s curated rewards system naturally encourages clients to try out new treatments through saving opportunities.

Promotions are a key objective in building strong brand awareness. A promotion may initially attract new clients, but consistent quality services and experiences will ensure repeat business and long-term loyalty to the brand. With the competitive nature of the aesthetic industry, brands must continue with promotional efforts even if it no longer seems necessary. Maintaining brand awareness through new and exciting promotional offers will demonstrate to clients that the injector is always in the business of serving them with the best treatments and services.

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