Portrait Provider Spotlight: Gail Keir, RN, BSN

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A healthcare professional's journey into the aesthetics space is unique, which holds true within our amazing community of Portrait providers. Each of these talented injectors has a different story, perspective, and expertise. Every week, we will be highlighting a new provider to bring their journey in front of our audience. We hope you enjoy learning their stories as much as we have!

Portrait: Hi, Gail! We are SO excited to talk to you today. Let’s start by having you introduce yourself, share your title, and tell us your favorite food right now.

Gail: I’m Gail Keir, BSN. I have my Bachelor of Science in nursing, but I didn't graduate from nursing school until I was 30! I went back to nursing, so I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Santa Barbara. Right now, my favorite foods are chia pudding and Thai!

Portrait: When did you join Portrait?

Gail: I joined Portrait in November 2020.

Portrait: What were some of your biggest day-to-day headaches before Portrait?

Gail: Before joining Portrait I was limited in the treatments I could provide based on the office or practice I was working with. There was not always interest or budget for cutting-edge technologies, the newest products being launched, or exciting client-driven techniques to be mastered. My practice and clients were not the top priority. Now that has changed for the better!

Portrait: How does Portrait’s EHR technology make your job easier? What does our technology help you accomplish?

Gail: Having an EHR designed for aesthetic injectors by a dedicated tech team makes my job easier in so many ways. Primarily, it helps me keep my patients safe by providing comprehensive medical and health records that are continually updated. It gives me a complete snapshot of the progress we’ve made in our treatment plan and I am able to easily access photos and treatment records from prior visits. Provider input is also greatly respected and valued, with additions to the EHR  based on our suggestions rolled out monthly, if not more often. Portrait’s EHR technology is a true reflection of our needs and requirements, set up in a manner that makes sense and keeps my busy day flowing smoothly. I can chart detailed and extensive post-treatment records in a time-efficient manner, which allows me to maximize my daily patient schedule safely and comprehensively. My business would not be as successful without it!

Portrait: We’re focused on handling the operations side so you can focus on what you do best: serving your patients. Tell me a bit more about the operational support you’ve received from our incredible team: from PCCs to PSMs, and all of the ready-to-go infrastructure we provide to make it easier to run your own business. How has this been a game-changer for you?

Gail: When you provide such a personal service, it is often difficult to hand over day-to-day responsibilities, as your patients generally like to communicate directly with you. With such a large patient base, there is not enough time during the day to schedule, communicate with, and provide actual treatments to my valued clients. Instead of having to return numerous calls after hours and lose available treatment time to scheduling and answering business-related questions, I can now focus more on direct patient care.

My PCC is my right hand and a true partner. She has been trained by Portrait and is experienced in aesthetics. She has proven herself to my clients as ready, willing, and able to provide them with immediate, courteous, and knowledgeable service. This has allowed my business to be more successful than I ever imagined. My PSM, Mckenna, is a dream…always positive, available, and enthusiastic about making my business grow. She is a great communicator and provider advocate. From the beginning, the infrastructure at Portrait seemed too good to be true. They are devoted to us in so many ways: managing our supplies, maintaining our records, and always striving to make Portrait a leader in the industry. With this infrastructure I quickly went from dreaming of my own practice to having a very successful one.

Portrait: What’s your favorite thing about being a Portrait provider?

Gail: My favorite thing about being a Portrait provider is having the right mix of independence and teamwork. I am empowered to be autonomous, motivated by others, and supported by a collaborative, problem-solving team. And, of course, I love being able to help my clients reach their aesthetic goals in a positive, safe environment.

Portrait: What type of success have you seen since being a Portrait provider? How has joining Portrait empowered you in your career as a medical professional?

Gail: I am more successful in so many ways since joining Portrait! Financially, I am being compensated commensurate with my abilities and potential. My career path has greatly opened up and I am not limited in my growth. I have more opportunities to learn and expand my practice safely. At Portrait, I have career stability and receive recognition for my achievements and contributions. I really enjoy what I do and am empowered to do even more.

Portrait: Before and after pictures are a big part of what we do in aesthetics to show transformation and results. What was something you wish you could have done differently before Portrait, that you were able to solve after joining Portrait?

Gail: Before Portrait, as a very busy working mom, I saw anywhere from 14-25 patients a day. My schedule was crushing, and I felt isolated as an aesthetic injector. I was too busy to attend weekend training events and get to know other medical professionals. I missed the sharing of ideas, techniques, and camaraderie. After joining Portrait, although I am one of the most experienced injectors, there is so much I can learn from my Portrait community of professionals. Everyone is so accessible, and there is a true team spirit. My fellow Portrait professionals are amazing and so eager to share ideas!

Portrait: Do you think there’s any other company in the industry like Portrait? What makes us different?

Gail: I know there isn't another company like Portrait! It took a completely different mindset to see the value in celebrating and supporting my medical profession as Portrait does. The work that goes into my daily operations alone is staggering. Portrait is changing medical aesthetics, and I’m so excited to be with them. They saw where medical aesthetics was going and built a business around the true business builders of the industry. They provide all the framework, tools, and support to allow me to be successful.

Portrait: Describe what Portrait means to you in a few sentences.

Gail: When I dreamt about opening my own medical aesthetics practice, the list of obstacles was long. I had the clients and the skill, but the day-to-day operations, financial commitment, and business guidance were untenable. It was as if I needed a “beauty godmother” to see my potential and help me realize my dream. Portrait has truly changed my life, and I know this is only the beginning.

Portrait: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about joining Portrait?

Gail: If you have worked hard to build a loyal client base but feel like you are not reaching your potential financially or professionally or are not satisfied with how you feel at the end of a long workday, Portrait may be perfect for you! You have to be ready to jump off that fence wholeheartedly, but the framework, support, and business-building tools are there. Dream big!

Portrait: Think back to when you started in aesthetics: what advice would you give your younger self?

Gail: I would have attended more independent outside office training and immersed myself in the aesthetics community earlier.

Portrait: What would you want potential clients to know about you?

Gail: I want potential clients to know that I am always, first and foremost, a patient advocate.

Portrait: Can you tell us about some career highlights and your experience with transitioning to Portrait?

Gail: Highlights have been being able to make positive life changes for someone who maybe isn’t able to have plastic surgery and is experiencing a lot of volume loss or doesn’t feel good about how they look. When I can use multiple syringes and do liquid facelifts, seeing how happy they are is the most rewarding part of my job.

I love the independence of Portrait, the sisterhood of nurses, and having a Medical Director relationship that is so close. You feel protected and covered, but you also have that independence! It feels so rewarding after establishing myself and working so hard, and I can’t wait to keep growing my practice.

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