How Portrait Works and How Independent Practices Thrive: Your Practice, Your Profits, Your Patients

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We believe in competition because it drives innovation and improvement. However, there are some misconceptions about Portrait spread by the newer competitors in this industry. They overstate their capabilities and present misleading data out of context to convince practice owners they are more trustworthy and reliable. 

We believe you will evaluate the platforms in the industry and decide what is best for your practice on its merits. So rather than focusing on those competitors, we want to highlight the core operating principles that define us and share key information that underscores our commitment to championing independent practices.

Portrait’s north star is that Providers and Patients are best served by independently owned and operated practices. To execute on this vision, we have to equip these practices with an ever growing number of tools and resources to help them flourish. Here are the principles at the heart of Portrait’s business models and platform:

  • *Your* Profits: This industry has long profited off the labor of others when in truth we all know the value comes from exceptional providers. These entrepreneurial-minded providers unfortunately  sign long-term contracts, give away major profits, and overpay for services they don’t truly need or understand. We believe we have to earn every penny and are not automatically entitled to a percentage of your revenue. Our entry model, PortraitLite, gives practices all our compliance, software, tools, support, and all the other key areas of our platform for free. Portrait does not take a percentage, and there is zero long-term contract lock-in. We believe this is a service to the industry that lifts all ships.
  • *Your* Patients: independent practices thrive when they have an ironclad trust with their patients. That’s why Portrait exists. Portrait does not assert ownership over nor the right to contact any of your patients. We don’t get in the way of how you want to run your practice. We help you build that trust with patients using our tools and services. We proactively clarify this in all our contracts because we believe it’s that important – be wary of competitors where this isn’t the case. 
  • *Your* Practice: ownership is critical to the success of independent practices. No one will ever care as much as you do. Years ago, we had a different business model where we created, funded, and operated Portrait-owned MedSpas. That business was not ultimately aligned with our long-term vision, so we adapted to newer models that independent practices and providers love and thrive with.

We have dedicated more years than any competitor on the market to developing tailored services for independent practices, and power the fastest-growing and most profitable practices nationwide. We have built multiple different versions of our business model to meet the unique goals of each type of independent practice. We are committed to continuously enhancing the benefits we offer to these practices at the most affordable prices, enabling them to thrive, do what they love, and deliver the best care possible.

With Gratitude,

Praveen Ramineni, CEO

Dr. Patrick Blake, CMO

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