Hilary Baer Hogan

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner | BSN, MSN, NP
Marin County, CA
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Owner & Founder

Bare Skin Marin


  • Licensed and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in California
  • Bachelor and Masters in Nursing
  • Specialized trainings completed in PDO Threads, Sculptra®, and Hyperdilute Radiesse
  • 8+ years in aesthetics
Botox, lip fillers - Marin County CA - Hilary Baer Hogan



Hilary Baer Hogan is a board-certified, Columbia University-trained Nurse Practitioner who has been aesthetic injecting since 2014.

She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and was undeniably inspired by her parents – her father is an oncologist who helped (and continues to help) patients navigate the raw intersection of science and human drama and mother an internist who entered the medical field at a time very few women did. After graduating from high school Hilary attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (“the Berkeley of the Midwest”) where she graduated with various academic honors. She then earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nursing from Columbia University in New York City.

Fresh out of graduate school, her first job as a Nurse Practitioner sparked an evolving fascination with the psychology of aesthetic medicine. Working with a renowned endocrinologist, she witnessed firsthand the profound impact treating acne or hair loss could have on a patient’s self-esteem. Having observed time and again that her patients felt best emotionally when they looked best physically, Hilary has been inspired to specialize in cosmetic dermatology.

Hilary has earned numerous awards for her artwork including recognition from the California State Senate. She incorporates her understanding of light, balance, and composition into helping her patients achieve their cosmetic goals. Hilary now considers the human face her medium and enrolls in ongoing workshops and professional trainings to stay up to date on best practices. Hilary has worked with some of the most respected leaders in the industry.

Proud to call Marin County home, she resides in Corte Madera with her beloved husband, two boys, and red toy poodle, Brooklyn.


Bare Skin Marin


980 Magnolia Ave, Building B, Office 6C, Larkspur, CA 94939


  • Tuesday - Thursday: 9:30AM - 4PM
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