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How To Prep Your Practice for Wedding Season

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Looking to be more involved with the wedding season this year? With wedding ceremonies approaching, many patients will be turning to their medical providers for additional services to help them look the part and feel camera ready. If you’re an aesthetic injector, keep reading to see how you can set yourself up for success this wedding season with our best tips on optimizing your studio, services, and product offerings to help attract a growing incoming list of clientele.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How to prep your studio space
  • Popular wedding season services
  • Tips for attracting more clients

Strategies to prep your studio space

Decorate accordingly

Your clients should feel immersed in the bridal ambiance of your studio as they’re coming in to treat themselves before the big day. One idea is to dress the studio with wedding-related decorations the same way you would with a holiday, like Christmas. When it comes to decoration ideas, think flowers and all things white.

Consider thoughtful gifts

Spoiling your patients with bride (or groom) specific take-home gifts can elevate the wedding theme in your studio. Gift ideas can include a coffee mug saying “bride to be,” roses, candles, a body cream, or chocolates.      

Alternatively, you might prefer offering a gift related to aesthetic enhancements. In that case, ​​you can consider a discount on a specific product or treatment for their next visit to the studio to encourage repeat business. Giveaways like this can work to entice customers and improve client satisfaction and retention.

Another gift idea is to set up a “naive Botox®” stash. This involves using the extra vials of Botox® you have on hand to treat patients. This is a thoughtful way to help the bride or other members of the wedding party feel appreciated while also allowing you to address additional areas that could use enhancements.

For example, imagine a bride wants to diminish the appearance of her forehead lines, but would also benefit from treating her crow's feet. In that case, you can suggest complementary crow’s feet injections as a wedding gift. Beforehand, you can also adjust pricing in your wedding package to make up for the value of this naive stash.

Create a guide

Once you’ve figured out your special offers for wedding season, it’s time to put together a treatment guide for the brides to be aware of. The goal is to use this guide to inform them of all the services you’ll have to offer them and be mindful of any packages for the bridal party. The general wedding guide should include wedding-specific treatment packages, as well as popular a la carte aesthetic solutions they should consider before their wedding. To help patients in the wedding party decide if these treatments are the right fit for them and to know if the timing aligns with the date of their wedding, be sure to provide specific details of each treatment or injection — including the timeline required to carry out the treatment, how many sessions are involved, and if there is any downtime to be expected.

Manage inventory well

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but take the time to be sure you’re fully stocked for the upcoming busy season so you can feel comfortable taking on as many clients as possible. Think about the most popular treatments you anticipate you or your team will be performing and factor in last-minute appointments. You wouldn’t want to miss out on doing business due to a lack of inventory!

Simple service offerings for wedding season

Include easy, new services on your roster

Wedding season is an excellent time to explore additional treatments that you may want to offer your patients. Hydrafacial, dermaplaning, and chemical peels are some popular treatments that many men and women of all ages do to enhance their skin before a wedding. It’s worth noting that these services also require the minimum additional equipment and investment needed before you can get started. Make sure to have these new pieces of equipment ready so you can offer new services to your patients as soon as possible.

Add skincare products to your practice

Before the big day, many brides and grooms will be looking for steps they can add to their skincare routine to actively work to enhance their skin at home. Retin-A products are an excellent example of a skin renewing treatment that can continue to help rejuvenate and improve their complexion before the wedding. According to the American Med Spa Association, retail products can yield a margin of up to 40%. Keeping these healthy profit margins in mind, it’s definitely worth considering adding a few new retail products to sell in your studio.

Expand wedding-specific packages

It’s common for patients to come in requesting several treatments before the wedding. One of the best ways to prep your practice for wedding season is by offering treatment bundles. They’re a great way to help patients get multiple popular treatments for the best value. Be sure to implement specific packages not just for brides but grooms, but also for bridal parties and the mother of the bride.

We also recommend making these packages customizable so they’re easy to adapt to a patient’s unique needs and feel more personalized. You can offer a package of 3+ treatments for 10% off, for example, the details of which you can agree upon during a free consultation. Before the consultation, we recommend giving the bride some homework: take photos of herself at all angles and think about all the areas to improve in order to feel camera-ready. When all angles are being considered, it opens the door for different types of treatments and an overall refreshed look.

Brides today are more knowledgeable, so expect them to have in-depth conversations with you on what they want, informs Kristen Doezie MSN, BSN, RN. “When brides come in, they know what treatments are available. So the conversations that we have are a lot more elevated than they used to be. We go so much further in our appointments because they kind of know they should come in a few months before the wedding, so it gives me some time to really work with them, which is great.”  

Want to learn more about the most popular treatments you can offer to the bride and her wedding party? Check out our recent blog post.

Promotional strategies to attract more clientele

Vamp up your social media marketing

Today, many transactions are done online. Even for businesses with physical locations, prospects first do their research on the internet before committing to a place. Thankfully, during the age of social media, it’s become easier to interact and establish relationships with a multitude of interested prospects at once. With the help of channels like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, many medical providers and aestheticians have grown a loyal base of customers and have even become influencers in the field. By building your company’s presence on social media through content like before and afters, testimonials, and sharing the latest news, you can be a thought leader to prospects and build even more trust with existing clients. Start by including relevant wedding-related hashtags in your posts to attract interested brides for wedding season.  

One of the most crucial parts of success with social media outreach is being consistent. There’s no need to be following all the latest viral trends as long as you’re showing up regularly and providing value-based content. Your growing brand will need to stay relevant and continue to capture the attention of your community, especially during wedding season.

Will you be hosting wedding-related events like Botox® parties? Make sure you’re sharing all updates on social media and focusing on related posts for the bride and her bridal party throughout bridal season, including events, group packages, and concierge services. Don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action for patients in these posts: for example, include “book a consultation” text that links to your booking page.

Another idea for wedding content would involve the participation of your current clients. If you have currently engaged brides coming in to get work done, ask if you can track their treatment progress and feature her journey on your social media to show off the results.

Hosting an Instagram giveaway is another great way to make the most of your social media presence. You can choose to do your own or get more exposure by joining forces with other businesses.

For more details on hosting Instagram giveaways, read this blog post.

Network with players in the wedding industry

Since word of mouth is still one of the primary ways that new clients will come to your studio, we recommend networking with wedding planners and other small local businesses in the wedding industry. You can also leave your wedding guides and handouts at local businesses where brides may be shopping.

For suggestions on strategies to network and which kind of partnerships can help you thrive during wedding season, head over to this blog post.

Spread the word about free consultations

One method to build your brand and grow your clientele during wedding season is to contact popular bridal accounts or influencers in your area inviting them to your studio and let them know that you’re offering free consultations for brides & grooms to be. You can also scroll through social media and engage with brides to be in your area. You can do this by commenting on their social media posts, congratulating them, and letting them know you offer packages to help them prepare for their special moment.

On social media and with existing clients who are engaged, it’s also important to emphasize the importance of starting aesthetic treatments up to a year before the big day.

For more ideas on how to attract new clients to your business, read this article.


If you're ready to prep your practice for wedding season, the tips and strategies shared in this article will help you optimize your studio, offer the best treatments and services, and attract more new clients. In this article, we also discussed different strategies to prepare your studio space for wedding season, including adding decorations, preparing gift bags, creating a specific services guide, and stocking up on inventory.

We know that the moment you begin to leverage social media with strategies like wedding-related hashtags, before and after photos with other brides to be, sharing about bridal events like Botox® parties, and reaching out to local relevant influencers, you’ll start to attract your target clients and break new records for your business.

Lastly, we can’t stress enough the importance of creating customizable packages for wedding season. Similar to how a “Mommy Makeover” is a popular bundle solution to address multiple aesthetic objectives of new moms, something like a “Bride to Be Glow Up” can work as an enticing offer to get brides, grooms, bridal parties, and wedding guests camera ready for the big day by targeting the most popular facial concerns.

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